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Rotonda West is the sweetest piece of the Rotonda “pie,” and in a place specifically designed to meet its community’s needs without the residents ever having to leave, life has never been sweeter.  What a lot of Rotonda West residents don’t realize, though, is that they’re missing out on savings just outside the gates to their community. 

A community that has its own gulf course and shopping center probably has it’s on tire retailer, too.  But did you know that the tire retailers of Rotonda West have priced their goods based on this fact?  They know that leaving Rotonda West is something its residents don’t want to do, which is tantamount to giving such businesses permission to drive up their prices. 

When it comes to tires, choose peace of mind instead, and pay your good friends in Port Charlotte at Don Gasgarth’s Buy Tires for Less a visit.  At Buy Tires for Less, we guarantee the cheapest prices around.  Bring in any competitors’ advertisement for less, and we’ll match it.  That’s how confident we are in our ability to offer superior service for customer satisfaction one hundred percent of the time.  It might save some time taking your business to the guy up the road, but why take the chance when you could earn real savings instead?  Don’t wait, come see us today!

Featured Tire: Kelly Navigator Touring Gold

  • Stylized black-wall and vent-less technology
  • 5-rib tread design
  • Elliptical bead zone
  • Optimal performance tread

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