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Tires Placida FL

tires lake placid flPeople who visit Placida once want to retire there and never leave. With a name that sounds as sweet and peaceful as the place, Placida, Florida is one of the most intriguing spots the Florida Gulf Coast has to offer.

But when it comes to tires, residents of Placida shouldn't be fooled into taking the short route. Our competitors in Placida are counting on the fact that you won't stray too far from home in search of new tires or tire related services, and that's exactly why they're going to drive up the price. Sure, they might advertise their cost for tires as lower than anywhere else, but all that means is they're gouging you somewhere else. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as they got the old tires off your car they noticed you need new breaks...

Don't be duped into taking the easy way out. A short drive up route 771 to Port Charlotte can be the quickest route possible to not only big savings, but also peace of mind. At Don Gasgarth's Buy Tires for Less in Port Charlotte, you're guaranteed to get your new tires at the lowest price around, with free lifetime rotation and balancing. Not only that, but the guarantee is guaranteed. At Buy Tires for Less you won't get anything but the four tires you want, installed exactly the way you want them, no surprise add-ons or hidden fees. Come to the place with the name you can trust: Don Gasgarth's Buy Tires for Less.

Featured Tire: Michelin Harmony

  • MaxTouch Construction creates optimal road-contact and even distribution of driving forces (acceleration, braking, cornering), producing more even, longer wear
  • Patented Comfort Control Technology provides noise and vibration reduction
  • All-weather tread-pattern makes for great traction in any season

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